Hair weaving weft how to cleaning and maintenance

Today, many women, men and women due to various reasons such as hair loss less hairline or hair bought wigs, due to too much spare frequency is too high, but the hair piece is don’t need cleaning every day. General regular front hair piece belongs to pure human hair hair piece, there are a lot […]


Just a few years ago, the word “foster” also feel very strange. But now, be it music, or clothing is preferred, and integrated into the life of people more and more natural. The music industry in Korea, Drunken Tigers, Ltime, G.O.D and other singers are mimicking the so-called “orthodox” form “, constantly release it. Which […]

How to choose suitable for you a wig?

Slightly apart in points bang with completely separate bang hair style is different, some separate place near the temple, and high cheekbones are inadvertently block up, let you don’t have a sense of affinity edges completely disappear! To control the hair the length of the collar bone position, in the position of the hair to […]

Naruto Cosplay Script

Section 1: outline: jiraiya ~ ~ (ambiguity)   Since: well.. (helpless)   Outline: recent and sakura walk close to it.   From: (I go out to the glasses a bright).   Outline: materials, later have a task to you.   Since the: to buy lunch again? Your order in good.   (class nu) ok, I’ll […]

How to Properly Preserve and Care Long Wigs


Wash with cold or warm water. Do not wash with hot water. It is OK to use ordinary liquid shampoo, with common hair conditioner. Do not blow washed wig with hair drier. Absorb moisture in wig with dry towel and then place it at places with good ventilation condition. Do not comb wig immediately after […]

Kick Off the New Year with Tinsel!


What better way to ring in the New Year than with tinsel! Nothing screams NYE more than shiny, sparkly hair. Tinsel is a super fun way to add a bit of sparkle to a fun night out, but PERFECT for partying on New Year’s eve. You can accessorize with one or two tinsel clip-in extensions […]